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Vegan Nom Menu 2017

Vegan Nom Menu 2017

Monday, October 1, 2012


If you don't have the Scoutmob app for your phone yet... here's a rockin' reason why you should! We're offering a deal that is good on tacos, chips and cookies. Om nom nom.
Subscribe to their emails to get the latest deals on other great local businesses! (They also have a 'Stach Cam. How awesome is that?)

In case you haven't heard, we released a spankin' new taco on Saturday. How much more awesome could it get, you ask? A new recipe of housemade country sausage, tofu scramble and the melty goodness that is vegan cheddar wrapped in a hot tortilla. Yummmm!

Coinciding with the Vegan Rocks Austin meet-up, The Three Amigos taco made an appearance in style and bravado that Steve Martin would be proud of.
Thank you for everyone who braved the temperamental weather! It was great to see ya'll!

Today is Monday. Which means we are closed until tomorrow morning, 7am!
To help aid in the fight against Monday Blues, here is a shot of one of our favorite type of customers. The furry persuasion!

The cutest, friendliest little pup ever!

Hope to see ya'll soon. As always, give us a call to order ahead of time at (512) 217-7257.

How to order: Give us your name, taco order, tortilla choice and if you have a preference with the signature sauces and we'll give you the total due and a time estimate.
Tasty food takes time and we appreciate ya'll understanding that!

Happy October and remember... 30 days until Halloween! We cannot wait.

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  1. i Love veg chicken, it is healthy as well as tasty that give us taste like chicken.