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Vegan Nom Menu 2017

Vegan Nom Menu 2017

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good times for a change

The Tools of the Trade

Hey everyone! Things are a-movin and groovin at the Vegan Nom trailer and we like it that way! We are always looking for fun new ideas and menu items... and this week is no different! You can now get seasonal hatch green chilis on your tacos from August 7th to the 23rd! Check out our Facebook page to see the #4 breakfast taco with the hatch green chilis. Mmmm!

This is how you eat a taco

We also have these new snazzy plates for orders that are eaten right here at our trailer.  So if you're not taking your order to-go, please let us know! We like to reduce on waste where possible :)
When you're done with your food you can place your recycling in the bins behind the trailer and the plates in the gray plastic tub so we can wash and reuse. Thanks!

It's Wednesday! Which means our evening hours start tomorrow. So don't forget that you can nab dinner Thursday thru Saturday at the Vegan Nom till 9pm.  Please remember that you can call in your order ahead of time for pick up! We'll try to give you a time estimate so you can avoid waiting in the heat.

Our food is always made to order- no microwaving or heating lamps. Which means that it takes some time to create these tacos of awesomeness. So we thank ya'll for understanding and being patient with waiting for fresh and piping hot food destined to make your tummy happy :)

We're BYOB! Which means you can bring a cooler of your favorite brew/drink of choice and hang out with good friends and good food at the trailer. Personally, we love an ice cold lime Topo Chico or Lone Star.

A close up of the lovely Ranchera Luna. Isn't she pretty?
And lastly, we can't end a post without a shot of one of our tacos! This week it's our Ranchera Luna- a light but filling combination of fresh veggies and tofu. She's a colorful beauty ain't she? Happy hump day everyone!

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